Water quality

One major priority is to ensure that people living in developing and newly industrialized countries have access to clean drinking water.

Water resources are often limited or polluted by domestic and industrial waste water. Additionally, solutions also need to be found to eliminate micro pollutants that are becoming a problem in industrialized countries especially.

Ductile iron pipe corrosionPipelines corrosion causes the gradual destruction of materials, by chemical reaction with its environment, altering the water quality for the end user.

Corrosion effects on water quality

  • It leaves a bitter taste in your water due to high metallic content, which may cause you to buy bottled water.
  • It can turn your water a reddish color and can leave greenish blue stains on drains, which require special cleaners to remove.
  • Consumption of water with elevated levels of metals, such as: lead and copper, may cause health problems.
  • Other corrosion effects.




Liquids that flow through PVC-O pipes do not suffer any alteration. Oriented PVC does not corrode and there are no migrations in the pipe.

  • No coatings, plastic encasement, or cathodic protection are needed.
  • No liners are needed to maintain water quality and flow characteristics.